Our Plans

At Ion Fit Club (IFC) Orlando we offer three plan levels as outlined on How We Train. Below is a summary of benefits for our Tri IFC, Training IFC and Team IFC membership. The first step is to join Tri IFC to access our training pattern, join us on the runs and rides,  routes, updates, retail discounts, and athlete community. When you join Tri IFC you can login to our website and access our Athlete Profile to apply for Training or Team coaching membership.  If you have questions, email info@ionfitclub.com. If you’re ready to start, click Join Tri IFC now.

Monthly Payment
Annual Payment
  • TRI IFCCome and run and ride with us with a suggested training pattern

  • $15month

  • M-W-S Running with Coach
  • Suggested Group Training Pattern
  • Monthly Triathlon Specific Group Ride
  • Monthly Group Video Conference Call
  • 15% Discount at www.runningwarehouse.com
  • 10% Discount at David's World Cycle
  • TRAINING IFCGive us your race schedule and choose your Priority A and B races for a Training Plan

  • $65month
    $25 one time set up fee

  • Tri IFC Benefits +
  • 3 Month TRAIN Package Prior to Events
  • Priority A and B Race Plans Included
  • Training with Heart Rate
  • Training Plan in Training Peaks™
  • Review of Workouts Each 5-7 days
  • TEAM IFCOur premium one-on-one coaching option for those wanting to take training to the next level

  • $169month
    $99 one time set up fee

  • Tri + Training IFC Benefits +
  • Training Plan in Training Peaks™
  • Review of Workouts Each 1-2 days
  • Specialized Pre-Race Prep
  • Training with Power
  • Complete Custom Race Plan
  • Unlimited Talk and Text with Coach
  • 15% off Powertap Products

**For athletes and triathletes unable to train locally with IFC Orlando, please visit our 5th Dimension Coaching site for details of one-on-one (remote) coaching.** 

**IFC does not have Swim Coaching at this time – swimming is self directed on the IFC program however if you opt for Training and Team options you will receive one on one coaching for volume and drills**