James Lally IFC Coach Orlando

Simply speaking, a Coach is essential if you want to go further than you thought possible to the majority of athletes. I specialize in coaching athletes who have had at least 2 years in the sport who wish to improve their performance and wish to be further educated while they train. I believe in a quality approach to training and in my own personal life. The output will only be as good as the input. Training and coaching with trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment will naturally result in a favorable outcome for both the athlete and the coach. I believe in coaching ‘by the metrics’ whilst balancing that with the individual needs and wishes of the athlete. I am a believer in a positive and enthusiastic approach to everything I do in life.  My credentials include USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Ironman® Certified Coach, USA Cycling Level III, Training Peaks™ Certified and I am also a Vision Quest® Certified Indoor Cycling Coach.

My approach translates in a motivating, enjoyable but challenging training regime. Whilst I always adopt an ‘Athlete Centric’ training plan for individuals wishing to compete in Long Course Triathlons, I also live by a philosophy of avoiding mistakes, rework, breakdowns, inefficiencies and variations to tried and test philosophies and metrics. I believe in staying on the cutting edge of technology and education and only use the latest software, communication methods and analysis. I have been able to communicate clearly and effectively throughout my career and am able to easily communicate these metrics in clear, down to earth words and actions. I specialize in maximizing the potential through each individual through efficiencies within Cycling and Running to realize the goals of the athlete.