Is Swimming included with IFC?

Ion Fit Club provides the swimming schedule with volume (duration) and recommended facilities in the local area.  In the future we plan to offer swimming analysis sessions and additional swimming guidance is included in IFC’s One on One Coaching option.

I just want to run a Marathon can IFC help me?

Yes. Ion Fit Club runs are geared specifically for Ironman and Half Ironman distances in the race year. By joining IFC you will be able to train with the team and then three month’s prior to your Marathon you can upgrade to our premium package which will give you one on one coaching with James to get you to that race.

How is IFC different from a Triathlon Club?

Ion Fit Club is a Triathlon Training Team. We have fun but the emphasis is training together.  We like to think of ourselves as a more professional outfit and every workout is specific to the event we are training for with a heavy emphasis on cycling and running (lets face it – the crucial parts of the Triathlon). Investing your time and money in IFC will ensure an investment in your fitness level.  

Is IFC a coaching company?

Yes. Ion Fit Club has two coaching membership options. The premium membership – Ion Fit Club TEAM is a one on one coaching option and TRAINING is a coaching option. See the membership page for what this entails.

How does the IFC membership levels work?

There are three membership levels.  Tri, Training and Team membership options.  Tri is the entry level option which enables the athlete to join the Tri Training Team and join the IFC runs throughout the week and attend the monthly Tri specific ride from David’s World Cycles, College Park.  In addition to this, there are some discounts through local and national vendors.  Please visit our plans page for details.

What does the monthly Tri Training Team ride look like?

Ion Fit Club has a Triathlon Specific ride each third Sunday of the month. The IFC Tri Specific Group ride is a group friendly ride which focuses on ensuring an constant speed of 17-19 mph.  Members of IFC will ride and anyone who wishes to ride with us is welcome to register through Ion Fit Club.  The Tri bike specific ride departs from David’s World Cycle in College park at 7:30am promptly and the route varies each month.  Road bikes are welcome to join but understand that this is a Triathlon Training Team and thus the use of Tri bikes with riders on aero bars is encouraged.  The benefits of riding your Tri Bike once per month is also going to save you time get used to the position when it comes to spending more time in the TT saddle closer to race day.

Is the Tri Specific Ride limited to TT bikes?

No. Tri bikes are encouraged but if you want to ride your road bikes then that is fine too.  It is a good idea to ride your Tri bike once a month anyway if you wish so that you can keep ‘the feel’ of it throughout the year.

Is Ion Fit Club for beginners?

If you are brand new to Triathlon but you have a positive attitude and are willing to strive to achieve a goal whether it be a sprint, Olympic or Full Ironman than IFC is for you.  Come along and simply try out one of our runs and decide if it is for you.

How fast is the running?

Ion Fit Club runs are described as Easy and Tempo. Easy runs are between 9-10 min miles pace and Tempo runs average 7-8 min miles pace

Does IFC have frequent structured rides each weekend?

Yes. IFC rides are consistent each weekend. The routes are coded A-D and the first time the group rides together on each course so that everyone is familiar with the course. Once a month is our signature Tri Bike Ride from David’s World Cycle College Park, twice a month we join local Orlando rides and then add our own extension loop on before finishing together. Finally we ride to Lucky’s Lake in Doctor Phillips to swim the lake and ride back to the Baldwin Park area.